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No. 23846
MySQL 5.0.6-beta has been released
2005-06-01 09:10ⓒ
2005-06-01 09:22ⓜ

이제 beta 수준으로 접어들었네요... 곧 production 버전이 나오겠죠~



A new version of MySQL Community Edition 5.0.6-beta Open Source database
management system has been released. This version includes support for
Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views and many other features. It is now
available in source and binary form for a number of platforms from our
download pages at and mirror sites.

Note that not all mirror sites may be up-to-date at this point. If you
cannot find this version on a particular mirror, please try again later or
choose another download site.

This is the third published Beta release in the 5.0 series. All attention
will now be focused on fixing bugs and stabilizing 5.0 for later production

NOTE: This Beta release, as any other pre-production release, should not be
installed on ``production'' level systems or systems with critical data. It
is good practice to back up your data before installing any new version of
software. Although MySQL has done its best to ensure a high level of
quality, protect your data by making a backup as you would for any software
beta release.

Please refer to our bug database at for more details
about the individual open and resolved bugs in this version.

Changes in release 5.0.6:

Functionality added or changed:
* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: `MyISAM' and `InnoDB' tables created
with `DECIMAL' columns in MySQL 5.0.3 to 5.0.5 will appear corrupt
after an upgrade to MySQL 5.0.6. Dump such tables with
`mysqldump' before upgrading, and then reload them after
upgrading. (The same incompatibility will occur for these tables
created in MySQL 5.0.6 after a downgrade to MySQL 5.0.3 to 5.0.5.)
(Bug #10465, Bug #10625)
* Added a `--show-warnings' option to `mysql' to cause warnings to
be shown after each statement if there are any. This option
applies to interactive and batch mode. In interactive mode, `\w'
and `\W' may be used to enable and disable warning display. (Bug
* Removed a limitation that prevented use of FIFOs as logging
targets (such as for the general query log). This modification
_does not apply_ to the binary log and the relay log. (Bug #8271)
* Added a `--debug' option to `my_print_defaults'.
* When the server cannot read a table because it cannot read the
`.frm' file, print a message that the table was created with a
different version of MySQL. (This can happen if you create tables
that use new features and then downgrade to an older version of
MySQL.) (Bug #10435)
* `SHOW VARIABLES' now shows the `slave_compresed_protocol',
`slave_load_tmpdir' and `slave_skip_errors' system variables.
(Bug #7800)
* Removed unused system variable `myisam_max_extra_sort_file_size'.
* Changed default value of `myisam_data_pointer_size' from 4 to 6.
This allows us to avoid `table is full' errors for most cases.
* The variable `concurrent_insert' now takes 3 values. Setting this
to 2 changes MyISAM to do concurrent inserts to end of table if
table is in use by another thread.
* New `/*>' prompt for `mysql'. This prompt indicates that a `/* ...
*/' comment was begun on an earlier line and the closing `*/'
sequence has not yet been seen. (Bug #9186)
* If strict SQL mode is enabled, `VARCHAR' and `VARBINARY' columns
with a length greater than 65,535 no longer are silently converted
to `TEXT' or `BLOB' columns. Instead, an error occurs. (Bug
#8295, Bug #8296)
`DEFAULT_COLLATION_NAME' column. (Bug #8998)
* `InnoDB': When the maximum length of `SHOW INNODB STATUS' output
would be exceeded, truncate the beginning of the list of active
transactions, instead of truncating the end of the output. (Bug
* `InnoDB': If `innodb_locks_unsafe_for_binlog' option is set and
the isolation level of the transaction is not set to serializable
then `InnoDB' uses a consistent read for select in clauses like
`INSERT INTO ... SELECT' and `UPDATE ... (SELECT)' that do not
specify `FOR UPDATE' or `IN SHARE MODE'. Thus no locks are set to
rows read from selected table.
* Updated version of `libedit' to 2.9. (Bug #2596)
* Removed `mysqlshutdown.exe' and `mysqlwatch.exe' from the Windows
"With Installer" distribution.

Bugs fixed:
* `MERGE' tables could fail on Windows due to incorrect
interpretation of pathname separator characters for filenames in
the `.MRG' file. (Bug #10687)
* Fixed a server crash for `INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE' with
`MERGE' tables, which do not have unique indexes. (Bug #10400)
* Fix `FORMAT()' to do better rounding for double values (for
example, `FORMAT(4.55,1)' returns `4.6', not `4.5'). (Bug #9060)
* Disallow use of `SESSION' or `GLOBAL' for user variables or local
variables in stored routines. (Bug #9286)
* Fixed a server crash when using `GROUP BY ... WITH ROLLUP' on an
indexed column in an `InnoDB' table. (Bug #9798)
* In strict SQL mode, some assignments to numeric columns that
should have been rejected were not (such as the result of an
arithmetic expression or an explicit `CAST()' operation). (Bug
* `CREATE TABLE t AS SELECT UUID()' created a `VARCHAR(12)' column,
which is too small to hold the 36-character result from `UUID()'.
(Bug #9535)
* Fixed a server crash in the `BLACKHOLE' storage engine. (Bug
* Fixed a server crash resulting from repeated calls to `ABS()' when
the argument evaluated to `NULL'. (Bug #10599)
* For a user-defined function invoked from within a prepared
statement, the UDF's initialization routine was invoked for each
execution of the statement, but the deinitialization routine was
not. (It was invoked only when the statement was closed.)
Similarly, when invoking a UDF from within a trigger, the
initialization routine was invoked but the deinitialization
routine was not. For UDFs that have an expensive deinit function
(such as `myperl', this bugfix will have negative performance
consequences. (Bug #9913)
* Portability fix for Cygwin: Don't use `#pragma interface' in source
files. (Bug #10241)
* Fix `CREATE TABLE ... LIKE' to work when `lower_case_table_names'
is set on a case-sensitive filesystem and the source table name is
not given in lowercase. (Bug #9761)
* Fixed a server crash resulting from a `CHECK TABLE' statement
where the arguments were a view name followed by a table name.
(Bug #9897)
* Within a stored procedure, attempting to update a view defined as
an inner join failed with a `Table 'TBL_NAME' was locked with a
READ lock and can't be updated' error. (Bug #9481)
* Fixed a problem with `INFORMATION_SCHEMA' tables being inaccessible
depending on lettercase used to refer to them. (Bug #10018)
* `my_print_defaults' was ignoring the `--defaults-extra-file'
option or crashing when the option was given. (Bug #9136, Bug
* The `INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS' table was missing columns of
views for which the user has access. (Bug #9838)
* Fixed a `mysqldump' crash that occurred with the
`--complete-insert' option when dumping tables with a large number
of long column names. (Bug #10286)
* Corrected a problem where `DEFAULT' values where not assigned
properly to `BIT(1)' or `CHAR(1)' columns if certain other columns
preceded them in the table definition. (Bug #10179)
* For `MERGE' tables, avoid writing absolute pathnames in the `.MRG'
file for the names of the constituent `MyISAM' tables so that if
the data directory is moved, `MERGE' tables will not break. For
`mysqld', write just the `MyISAM' table name if it is in the same
database as the `MERGE' table, and a path relative to the data
directory otherwise. For the embedded servers, absolute pathnames
may still be used. (Bug #5964)
* Corrected a problem resolving outer column references in
correlated subqueries when using the prepared statements. (Bug
* Corrected the error message for exceeding the
`MAX_CONNECTIONS_PER_HOUR' limit to say `max_connections_per_hour'
instead of `max_connections'. (Bug #9947)
* Fixed incorrect memory block allocation for the query cache in the
embedded server. (Bug #9549)
* Corrected an inability to select from a view within a stored
procedure. (Bug #9758)
* Fixed a server crash resulting from use of `AVG(DISTINCT)' with
`GROUP BY ... WITH ROLLUP'. (Bug #9799)
* Fixed a server crash resulting from use of `DISTINCT AVG()' with
`GROUP BY ... WITH ROLLUP'. (Bug #9800)
* Fixed a server crash resulting from use of a `CHAR' or `VARCHAR'
column with `MIN()' or `MAX()' and `GROUP BY ... WITH ROLLUP'.
(Bug #9820)
* Fixed a server crash resulting from use of `SELECT DISTINCT' with a
prepared statement that uses a cursor. (Bug #9520)
* Fixed server crash resulting from multiple calls to stored
procedure that assigned result of subquery to a variable or
compared it to a value with `IN'. (Bug #5963)
* Selecting from a single-table view defined on multiple-table views
caused a server crash. (Bug #8528)
* If the file named by a `--defaults-extra-file' option does not
exist or is otherwise inaccessible, an error now occurs. (Bug
* `net_read_timeout' and `net_write_timeout' were not being respected
on Windows. (Bug #9721)
* `SELECT' from `INFORMATION_SCHEMA' tables failed if the statement
has a `GROUP BY' clause and an aggregate function in the select
list. (Bug #9404)
* Corrected some failures of prepared statements for SQL (`PREPARE'
plus `EXECUTE') to return all rows for some `SELECT' statements.
(Bug #9096, Bug #9777)
* Remove extra slashes in `--tmpdir' value (for example, convert
`/var//tmp' to `/var/tmp', because they caused various errors.
(Bug #8497)
* Added `Create_routine_priv', `Alter_routine_priv', and
`Execute_priv' privileges to the `' privilege table.
(They had been added to `mysql.db' in MySQL 5.0.3 but not to the
`host' table.) (Bug #8166)
* Fixed `configure' to properly recognize whether NTPL is available
on Linux. (Bug #2173)
* Incomplete results were returned from `INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS'
for `INFORMATION_SCHEMA' tables for non-`root' users. (Bug #10261)
* Fixed a portability problem in compiling `' with `VC++' on
Windows. (Bug #10245)
* `SELECT 0/0' returned `0' rather than `NULL'. (Bug #10404)
* `MAX()' for an `INT UNSIGNED' (unsigned 4-byte integer) column
could return negative values if the column contained values larger
than 2^31. (Bug #9298)
* `SHOW CREATE VIEW' got confused and could not find the view if
there was a temporary table with the same name as the view. (Bug
* Fixed a deadlock resulting from use of `FLUSH TABLES WITH READ
LOCK' while an `INSERT DELAYED' statement is in progress. (Bug
* The optimizer was choosing suboptimal execution plans for certain
outer joins where the right table of a left join (or left table of
a right join) had both `ON' and `WHERE' conditions. (Bug #10162)
* `RENAME TABLE' for an `ARCHIVE' table failed if the `.arn' file
was not present. (Bug #9911)
* Invoking a stored function that executed a `SHOW' statement
resulted in a server crash. (Bug #8408)

* Fixed problems with static variables and do not link with
`libsupc++' to allow building on FreeBSD 5.3. (Bug #9714)

* Fixed some `awk' script portability problems in
`cmd-line-utils/libedit/'. (Bug #9954)
* Fixed a problem with mishandling of `NULL' key parts in hash
indexes on `VARCHAR' columns, resulting in incorrect query
results. (Bug #9489, Bug #10176)



Matt Wagner, Production Engineer
Northfield, MN, USA

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